Rough Creek Trail Run
10K / Half Marathon / 50K Ultra Verathon
Saturday, September 18, 2021


The main loop will contain a large amount of non-technical, scenic trail that will allow you to look around and enjoy the beauty of Texas Hill Country. Expect significant exposure = minimal shade. It will be hot! (Glen Rose avg: high 89F, low 65F)

THE COURSE HAS CHANGED IN 2021! The 10K and the half marathon will not be tackling the Rusty Crown this year.

10K Course - 1 out-and-back loops of scenic single track trail and fire road with rolling hills.

Half Marathon Course - 2 out-and-back loops of the 10K course (plus a small further out-and-back from the furthest point in the course to complete the distance).

50K ULTRA VERTATHON Course - The 50Kers will not only get to "Bow to the Crown" by experiencing the Rusty Crown. They will spend all day on their hands and knees in reverence to the Crown. They will enjoy scenic trails and fire road and rolling hills for 5K as they head out to the Rusty Crown. Then they will complete a 1.66 mile loop of climbing up and down the Crown FIFTEEN TIMES.That's 40K of hill repeats. Then it's still a 5K run, walk, slog, crawl to the finish line.

It’s rugged. It’s steep. It’s technical. The climbs are exposed and reflective white rock that gets hot. It's September in Texas so will be hot and humid. It’s no joke! Put your head down and just get it done!

The climbing sections average 200 feet of elevation gain per mie. Climb up and down and up and down and up down, hit the aid station back on ground level, run down the fire road to the aid station at the start of the climbs, then do it again.

There will be a manual tally kept as you finish each climb to ensure no cheating. And while you enjoy your sufferfest, we will make it slightly less painful with aid station tents at the start and end of all this climbing, complete with ice, cold water, freezie pops, chafe shield products, and sunscreen!

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: The 10K and Half Marathon do not climb the brutal Rusty Crown as part of their regular course, but they should get the option to have those bragging rights, of course! During race registration, you can add the "I WANT TO BOW TO THE CROWN!" where instead of 0.4 miles of fire road, you will go 1.2 miles of ups and downsclimb the most vicious climb, "The Beast", and more. This section is the same one that the 50K ULTRA VERTATHON will do 15 times. And you get to do this detour once, with volunteers and signage helping you. When you complete it, you'll earn the "I BOWED TO THE CROWN!" memento at the finish line, in addition to your finisher medal. The $4 add-on cost covers the cost of the memento you will receive - the bragging rights are yours to earn!

Here is that climbing section.


Course Map

Pretty map pics coming, but all the courses are available to see on Garmin Connect.

10K - one out-and-back loop shown here...

Half Marathon - 2 out-and-back loops of the single loop shown here...

50K ULTRA VERTATHON - The half marathon course single loop, but then the participants will BOW TO THE CROWN 15 times. This section averages 200 feet of ascent and descent per mile!! Here is that climbing section before runners head down fire road to start it all over again. Total elevation gain for the whole race is 3,780 feet but 90% of those ups and downs are in the 18.3 miles of continuously bowing to the crown.


Course Markings

It is each participant's responsibility to watch carefully for course markings. We will be using a combination of

  • bright pink contractor tape flagging
  • bright pink stake flags
  • arrow signs (left, right, straight)

You may also see CAUTION tape quarantining off a place to NOT go.

Confidence flagging: For trail sections where there's no possible logical offshoot of a trail that you could take other than the one you are on, you may go as far as a half mile without flagging.

If you ever get to a spot where you are completely unsure of where you are, backtrack on the path you took until you get to course markers. If you become utterly and completely lost, never ever go off trail. Sit down where you are and wait until someone gets to you.



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Aid Stations

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