Rough Creek Trail Run
10K / Half Marathon / 50K Ultra Verathon
Saturday, September 18, 2021

Top 7 Tips for Success at Rough Creek

Leading up to the race, we reached out to past winners of Rough Creek – local favorites, incredible trailrunners, & great people - & asked them to share some words of wisdom to help you have the best possible race day. Here is what they shared (And to read the full tributes to our past winners, CLICK HERE):

“Best advice I have for runners who are training for it is two things. One, get used to the heat. It heats up quickly on that course and there's no shade. And two, do lots of hill sprints. Not the long gradual stuff. You gotta get out on nasty steep stuff that borderline isn't runnable then spend a lot of time on it. All too often I see runners doing hill work on some pretty weak hills which is great but that's not going to help you at Rough Creek.”

- Brian Hopton-Jones

“It will get hot. 2014 started pretty muggy but the sun broke out later and took its toll on many. 40 miles is a long race in that kind of heat on that terrain. The 3 lap format for the 40mi works well to help runners restock and regroup each time. Get ready mentally, picture the steepest climb you've ever done and double it. The ups and downs are short but for realz!”

- Steven Moore

“Hill repeats during training should not be missed. If you plan on doing the longer distance, make sure you have your nutrition dialed in. You want to be on point with your calorie intake and hydration.”

-EJ Gonzalez

“I recommend starting out conservatively, as there is a long section of steep climbing and technically descents towards the end of the course. In my experience, it also gets very warm during the Texas fall weather, so it is important to stay well hydrated and fueled. I definitely recommend wearing a hat and sunscreen.”

-Nicole Kalogeropoulos

“The advice I would give to runners would be to heat train because it can still be hot in September. Be prepared to hydrate during the race. I would also do some hill workouts on rugged terrain for the Rusty Crown. Especially going downhill. The Rusty Crown is very rugged, steep, rocky, and hard to get your footing. It comes at the end of the loop, so your legs are pretty fatigued.”

-Shelley Egli

“If you want to have a successful run at Rough Creek it's important to have a good plan for throughout the day. The day begins with mild temperatures warming up quickly and getting scorching hot. So it's important to stay on top of your hydration and even more so protection from the sun! Runners should also take advantage of the drop bag point stashing a small ice chest to refresh themselves with on the backside of the course. I also run in a giant sombrero keeping ice on my head as well.”

-Thomas Mullins

“Be gentle with yourself and keep a sense of humor! Rough Creek is a blend of super easy runnable trails with some super crazy stuff mixed in. Throw your times out the window, and show up ready to enjoy frequent "breaks" from normal running as you navigate the Rusty Crown! Other advice: it is counterinutive, but you might actaully find the longer races to be "easier" in that you get to figure out how to tackle the crown first.”

- Matthew Crownover

And one more piece of important advice from Matthew: "Do not miss the left turn at the top of the hill driving in from Glen Rose!"

To read the full tributes to our past winners, CLICK HERE

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