Rough Creek Trail Run
10K / Half Marathon / 50K Ultra Verathon
Saturday, September 18, 2021

Race Day Schedule

6:00 am - Packet Pickup opens

6:25 am - trail briefing for 50K ULTRA VERTATHON start

6:30 am - 50K ULTRA VERTATHON start

6:55 am - trail briefing for half marathon start

7:00 am - half marathon start

7:25 am - trail briefing for 10K start

7:30 am - 10K start

6:30 pm - Must leave the Rusty Crown Aid Station inbound to the finish (this is 2.75 miles from the finish line, so a 12 hour timeframe to get out to the Crown and do the 15 sadistic repeats for 50K ULTRA VERTATHONers. This is a 25:24/mile pace.)

7:45 pm - Final Cutoff for the race (27:15/mile pace for the last 2.75 miles)



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